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Dear Spice Lovers,

Last week I sent word that starting in 2019, Cardamom & Cloves will become a subscription only! But more than that, to mark our 5th birthday in February we will become an online subscription

Now instead of samples and recipes sent to your door across Canada, we will be sending the recipe to make your own spice blends along with tips, tricks, spice info and recipes to use your new blend right to your inbox! Learn more about spices, how and where to buy, and more importantly - how to use them in quick, easy, flavourful recipes! All for a fraction of the cost of the original subscription.  

You've got a cupboard full of spices - now it's time to learn how to use them!

What if you still really want the samples and a recipe card? If you are in Canada you can sign up for an entire year of our original subscription until the end of January and be in for the best, biggest and most creative subscription year yet!

In fact, I'm putting our subscriptions on sale. Use the code JINGLEBELLS18 to save 10% on any length subscription, but only automatically starting gift certificates are now available. 

Everyone with a gift certificate are encouraged to start it as soon as possible, but all will be honoured!

Spice Subscription

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