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  • Organic Spice Blends ready for essential oil infusion

Cardamom & Cloves

Cardamom & Cloves is a collection of 100% natural, hand blended spice mixes. Blends are made from ethically sourced, certified organic spices & herbs and are created to be infused with your favourite essential oils. 

C&C Spice Blends are completely animal product free (vegetarian/vegan friendly), gluten free, contain no salt, sugar, MSG or additives. They are made to order, so are always incredibly fresh and fragrant.


Flavour is highly subjective. Everyone has slightly different preferences. That’s why we’re delighted to offer options for personalizing your favourite blends. You can decide how hot you would like your Taco Seasoning or if you prefer Smoky Pickling Spice! Our blends are ground and made lovingly by hand when you place your order. Try our essential oil pairings to customize your flavour even more! 


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