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Caraway is said to have been used in Europe longer than any other condiment. A more aromatic and bitter alternative to cumin, caraway is key to Indian, Dutch, German, Russian, and Scandinavian cooking. Although it has an affinity to cooked cabbage and coleslaw, a little ground caraway added at the end of cooking will add a pleasant and unexpected taste to both sweets and savories.

Essential to traditional German cuisine, this spice is used in sauerkraut, coleslaw, goulash, stews, cheese, rye bread, seed cake, pork roast, and fish & shrimp boil. They are also used to flavour homemade cheeses and liquors.

The roots of caraway plants were said to warm and stimulate a cold, languid stomach. It was combined with milk to make a bread which was eaten by the soldiers of the ancient Roman army.

In German folklore, parents placed a dish of caraway seeds beneath their children’s beds to protect them from witches. The belief was that that any object containing caraway could not be stolen.

59 ml  - sold in resealable, air tight, rice paper bags.
Organically Sourced from Egypt

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