Chinese Five Spice Powder

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Chinese Five Spice Powder

A mixture used throughout China and parts of southeast Asia, Chinese Five Spice is a deep, alluring and exotic blend. It also is a key ingredient in an incredible all purpose marinade! Take a look at our recipe by clicking here.

Highly aromatic Chinese five-spice powder enhances stir-fried vegetables, chicken, and especially fatty meats like pork and duck. This blend isn't hot, but is quite concentrated, so use it in small quantities. Try a pinch added to muffins, zucchini, carrot or banana breads, or even pancake or waffle batter. Great mixed with coffee grounds for brewing coffee!

Handblended and made to order from ethically sourced fennel, caraway, cinnamon, anise and black pepper.

59 ml  - sold in resealable, air tight, rice paper bags.

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