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European elder is a plant native to Europe, Northern Africa, and Western-and Central Asia. Its flowers and berries have a long history of use in traditional European medicine and cuisine. 


Wines, cordials and marmalade have been produced from elderberries as well as fruit pies and relishes. In Germany, yoghurt desserts are made with both the berries and the flowers and in Italy (especially in Piedmont), Germany and Austria, the umbels of the elderberry are batter coated, fried and then served as a dessert or a sweet lunch with a sugar and cinnamon topping, known as "Hollerküchel".

Elderberries have also been used for making preserves, wines, winter cordials, and for adding flavor and color to other wines.

59 ml  - sold in resealable, air tight, rice paper bags.
Organically sourced from Bulgaria

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