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Garlic is a species in the onion genus, Allium. Its close relatives include the onion, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion. The bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant. With the exception of the single clove types, garlic bulbs are normally divided into numerous fleshy sections called cloves.

Use anywhere you would use fresh garlic. Dried garlic generally has a more even, less extreme garlic flavour while still being very flavourful, hot and pungent. It is particularly useful when you are looking to add flavour without adding additional liquid to a dish such as in a dip, dressing or rub. 

Garlic has been used as a seasoning and so much more for hundreds of years. Its medicinal virtues have been praised by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates and herbalists from the sixteenth century on have consistently mention its beneficial qualities.Magically, garlic was believed to impart the powers of protection, and could be used to protect one from theft and even to exorcise evil spirits. It was associated with the ancient Greek deity Hecate, was eaten at festivals in honour of her, and also left at crossroads, on a pile of stones, as a offering to her.


59 ml  - sold in resealable, air tight, rice paper bags.
Organically sourced from the United States of America.


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