Maldon Sea Salt

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Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon sea salt is made from seawater collected from England ’s Blackwater river and evaporated in stainless steel saltpans mounted on an intricate system of brick flues. This gives the specific heating pattern required for the formation of Maldon's massive yet paper-fine flake crystals. The Maldon Crystal Salt Company stands on what is believed to have been the site of a medieval salt works, and medieval brickwork impregnated with salt has been found on the site.

Maldon Sea Salt is a fleur de sel with a soft flaky texture of the sea salt crystals with the cleanest of salt flavour. The ultimate finishing salt for salads and fresh vegetables. Maldon sea salt has large white flakes that provide contrasting colour, texture, and flavour on grilled meats and fish! 

Sold in a resealable, rice paper, air tight bag.
Small 25 grams; Large 55 grams

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